Your questions answered

What is the lead-time on your wedding dresses?
The lead time for your bridal gown is typically 26 weeks from the date of order to your first fitting.  For bridesmaids it is around 16/20 weeks.

Do I need an appointment to try on wedding dresses?
We generally work on an appointment basis- that way we can give you the full attention that you deserve to view and try on our fabulous range of bridal gowns. However if you decide to call in and we happen to have a slot free, we will be happy to accommodate you. Please do not be offended, though if we have to decline, as we may have to attend to a bride that has pre-booked an appointment.

How many people can come with me?
That’s a difficult one. The majority of brides will bring their mother and/or a trusted friend along with them to the first appointment and that is generally what we would recommend. The more people you have in the room, the more opinions you are going  to receive and that may do nothing more than confuse you.

How many bridal gowns can I try on in my appointment?
As many as is physically possible within the allocated time. Appointments usually last one hour and whilst we don’t generally restrict brides on a number, please be aware that there is a limit to how many wedding gowns you can physically put on and take off during that time. In our experience and to allow for lacing up and unfastening etc, it usually amounts to 6 wedding gowns. One of our experienced bridal advisors will be on hand at all times to assist you through this process.

What are your payment terms for bridal gowns/bridesmaid dresses?
Once you have chosen your wedding gown/bridesmaid dress, we will require a 50% deposit to secure the order. The remaining 50% is due once your gown/dress comes into stock.

What if I find a dress I really like, but am not ready to make a decision?
That’s not a problem. We keep records of all the wedding gowns that the bride tries on and will note any of particular interest so that the next time you call, you will remember what you have already seen and loved.

Do all dresses need to be ordered?
In general, yes all our wedding gowns need to be ordered. However, from time to time we do have bridal gowns that have been used for display and viewing purposes available for sale. These are very much SOLD AS SEEN and can be taken away on the day upon receipt of full payment.

What if the size of my bridal gown doesn’t fit me quite right?
You will find nearly all bridal gowns/bridesmaid dresses will need some alteration for that perfect fit on your special day. At the Bridal Boutique we work closely with a professionally trained seamstress who you pay direct. She will carry out the fitting.